Trivadis training courses

Trivadis courses and workshops
in the virtual training room.

Trivadis Training

All the facilities of a real training room are available to trainers and participants in the virtual training room.

  • You see the trainer via a camera.
  • Communication with the trainer and other participants via chat or audio and video.
  • Presentation of the trainer’s slides.
  • Whiteboard and flipchart for developing topics.
  • Exercises in the Trivadis cloud training environment.
  • Support for the exercises given by the trainer.
  • A moderated forum is available for communication between participants and trainers after the training session.

You receive the training material as an e-book or optionally in printed form. The virtual classroom enables us to provide the following services:  

  • Simultaneous training of internationally dispersed teams.
  • Training for your staff abroad in the proven Trivadis quality
  • Online training courses in German, English, and French. Further languages available as an option.
  • Reduced travel time.
  • Blended learning concepts with a combination of face-to-face and online training.
  • Live streaming of a course combined with individual follow-up of the learning material with a recording of the course

trivadis virtueller trainingsraum

Trivadis, Bernd Rössler, Head of Training

Bernd Rössler

Solution Manager Trivadis Training