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Python & Kafka Practical Workshop

Motto: Don't just get in touch with one product but get insights for combinations and alternatives.
Digital skills in a technology- and data-driven future are crucial for business success. That's why we want to ask you:
Do you believe an investment in acquiring knowledge of Python programming language and Kafka as a streaming tool Kafka makes sense for you and your company?
If you can answer this question with a clear YES, then use our special crash course in Python & Kafka hands-on.

We will teach you the necessary basics within a few weeks.  More than 70% of the course material consists of practical exercises. After this camp, you will be able to retrieve data e.g. sensor data, save the data persistently, and display it graphically. The special feature is that the graphics are automatically updated in real-time and you can be alerted in case of increased sensor measurements.

The time blocks are published in advance and are thoroughly designed for full-time employees. You decide how much additional time you can (and want to) invest in the exercises. Dynamic team constellations and Q&A sessions allow you to benefit from interactions with the trainers and other participants. This way ensures proper support of your learning curve.

Your daily work routine makes you miss a session?
No problem. You can watch the recorded session afterward and still participate in the following sessions of the course. Basically, you decide how sessions fit into your schedule.

Here is a short summary of all the advantages:

  • Clear and  straightforward learning in dynamic groups
  • Covering several learning units in sveral weeks
  • Being fully practice-oriented
  • Preparing participants for targeted follow-up training

The practical workshop takes place in a virtual training room. The individual parts are recorded to allow participants to follow the course even if they miss a live session.



5 days


Participants will

  • receive an introduction to the programming language Python
  • write their own Python scripts using Jupyter notebooks
  • discover different environments: Microsoft Azure, Anaconda and Trivadis open-source infrastructure platform: Platys
  • get to know the principles of stream-processing
  • solve streaming challenges with Kafka
  • learn the position of streaming solutions such as Kafka within the Big Data/Fast-Data architecture environment

target group

The workshop is designed for the following groups:

  • System Architects
  • Software developers as well as anyone who is interested in learning a state-of-the-art programming language
  • PL/SQL, Java (Script), C++/C# developers and interested people with knowledge of an (object-oriented) programming language
  • Anyone who is interested in the areas of Big-Data/Fast-Data or Live Data

Contents (new)

  • Python basics (semantics, language types, control sequences, functions)
  • Everything is an object in Python: Object-oriented programming
  • Exercises (alone/team) Python (HTTP-requests, Pandas, Numpy, SQLite, Matplotlib)
  • Basics of modern IT architectures including streaming/Fast-Data solutions
  • Events data formats and versioning of events (JSON, Avro)
  • Event Hub, as the central and reliable basic component in a stream-processing platform
  • Kafka basics
  • Exercises (alone/team) Kafka (Producer, Consumer, Broker, Partitions)
  • The final task in a team: Combination of Python & Kafka (e.g. OpenSenseMap)


    • Spread over several weeks in lecture style, completely live in the virtual training room
    • A mixture of theory and numerous tasks as well as self-contribution in a hands-on manner
    • In total, about 30 hours
    • Trainers are all top consultants from the technology field
    Week DatE tIME Titel
    1 04.10.2021 9-12h Introduction
    08.10.2021 9-12h Python Basics 1
    08.10.2021 13-15h Q&A + Practice Python
    2 11.10.2021 9-12h Python Basics 2
    11.10.2021 13-16h Python komplementär 1
    15.10.2021 9-12h Python komplementär 2
    15.10.2021 13-15h Q&A + Practice Python
    3 18.10.2021 9-12h Kafka Training 1
    18.10.2021 13-16h Kafka Training 2
    22.10.2021 9-12h Q&A + Practice Python and Kafka
    22.10.2021 13-16h Kafka Training 3
    4 25.10.2021 9-12h Q&A + Practice Kafka
    25.10.2021 13-16h Python with Kafka 1
    29.10.2021 9-12h Python with Kafka 2
    29.10.2021 13-16h passing out the final task + Q&A + Practice Kafka and Python
    5 08.11.2021 13-16h Final presentation


    • Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure/IT architecture, knowledge of an (object-oriented) programming language e.g. JavaScript, C++, C#, etc.
    • TInterest in scripting and programming

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