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An Overview of NoSQL with Java

NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is a movement driving forward alternative databases (in contrast to relational database management systems). Several properties of SQL databases have deliberately been omitted to make them less restrictive, more scalable and to provide a better performance. NoSQL does not describe a single fixed approach, but encompasses “all other approaches except for the classic relational models retrieved via SQL.” In this seminar, the key NoSQL approaches will be presented with their strengths and weaknesses and compared with the traditional model. Valuable practical knowledge will be conveyed through a demonstration using well-known models. In addition, integration scenarios with Java Enterprise applications will also be presented.



2 days


  • After the seminar, you will be familiar with the key trends in the field of NoSQL
  • You will be able to assess when you can use one of the technologies presented to your advantage
  • You will have “practical basic knowledge” that you can build upon through self-study or in other seminars

target group

DB developers, architects, project managers and technical decision makers who want to gain a sound understanding of the benefits of different NoSQL approaches.

Contents (new)


  • History of databases
  • What NoSQL means
  • Normalization, scalability, performance and transactions
  • New requirements (big data, scalability, flexible data structures)

Basics of NoSQL

  • Schemas, integrity, joins
  • ACID vs. BASE (basically available, soft state, eventual consistency)
  • Consistency, CAP theorem
  • Scaling, distribution and replication, NoSQL in the Cloud
  • Query options, map reduce

Key value stores

  • Theoretical basics and applications
  • Data structures and distribution
  • Representative Riak

Document-oriented databases

  • Theoretical basics and applications
  • Semi-structured data, schema-free
  • Sharding, distributed installations
  • Representative CouchDB and MongoDB

Column-based databases

  • Theoretical basics and applications
  • Columns and column families
  • Representative Apache Cassandra

Graph-oriented databases

  • Theoretical basics and applications
  • Networked data, graphs, indexing
  • Traversing algorithms
  • Representative Neo4j

Distributed processing of bulk data

  • Theoretical basics and applications
  • Distributed file system
  • Representative Hadoop

Integration with Java and Java EE

  • Case examples
  • Contrast to JPA, Hibernate and JDBC
  • Using Spring Data and Hibernate OGM


  • Choosing the right data store
  • Polyglot persistence
  • Beyond NoSQL
  • Schema migration


General programming skills and basic knowledge of relational databases.

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