Atlassian Jira software, the popular issue tracker from Atlassian, is optimally tailored to the needs of software development teams. In particular, Atlassian focuses on management using Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Atlassian Jira Software is thus ideal for sprint planning, backlog management and burn down charts, as well as for visualizing, recording and restricting workflows.
In order to achieve this, Atlassian has developed a completely different operational approach for Atlassian Jira Software. The boards introduced for this purpose, which provide support for Kanban and Scrum, allow cross-project selection of issues, e.g. as part of multi-project management. Of course, depending on the underlying configuration, work in progress limits or changing the scope in a sprint are taken into account.
The current trends in continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) are also taken into account. Atlassian Jira Software can operate seamlessly with other products such as Atlassian Bamboo and Atlassian Bitbucket Server.
In this one-day seminar, you will discover the potential of Atlassian Jira Software based on a number of examples. You will also get a practical insight into the administrative configuration options.

  • Duration

    1  day
  • Goal

    • Understand the opportunities of Atlassian Jira Software and plan your iterations/sprints and releases in a simple and uncomplicated way
    • Receive an insight into possible usage scenarios through our special topics
    • Learn how to use Jira Software within the context of Agile processes
  • Target group

    (Jira) project managers or participants with existing project experience who would like to gain an overview of the usage and configuration options of Jira Software.

  • Contents

    Basics of Jira software

    • Core concepts of Atlassian Jira: Project, workflow, issue
    • History of Atlassian Jira Software
    • Differences between Atlassian Jira Core and Atlassian Jira Software
    • Basic functions and views or modes (plan, work, report)


    • Updating backlogs and sprints, i.e. prioritizing, evaluating and planning
    • Maintaining versions and epics
    • Using the release hub


    • Managing work steps of issues and sub-tasks
    • Visualizing the workflow and limiting work in progress (WIP)
    • Transferring work results via ad-hoc release of issues (Kanban) or sprint completion (Scrum)
    • Benefits of the dev panel


    • Checking the iteration or sprint progress via burn down chart and sprint report
    • Supporting sprint retrospective and planning using velocity charts
    • Showing bottlenecks via control charts (cycle and lead time) or cumulative flow charts


    • Creating Scrum or Kanban boards
    • Creating and managing filters using Jira Query Language (JQL)
    • Selecting issues via (quick) filter and swim lanes
    • Configuring the flow of work or steps via workflows and columns
    • Configuring estimation methods and residual effort recording
    • Managing and configuring permissions
    • Setting up Atlassian Jira software dashboard for Agile teams

    Special topics

    • Multi-project and multi-board management (ScrumBan) solutions
    • Integrating Jira Software with other development tools such as Fisheye and Crucible
    • Continuous integration with Atlassian Jira Software
    • Requirements engineering with Atlassian Jira Software and Atlassian Confluence
    • Differences between Jira 6 + Jira Agile and Jira Software
    • Controlling development workflows with triggers
  • Requirements

    Project experience in software development projects, good general IT knowledge, ideally first experience with Scrum/Kanban.

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