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Jira Service Desk - Implementing Self Services with Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is the Atlassian product for implementing self-service portals, ITIL-based ITSM and all matters that you can render for your employees and customers in the form of services. It is not an IT-centric tool. It can also depict vacation requests, orders and approval processes just as efficiently and be used for ITIL-based change management. Much of this can be performed by Service Desk immediately after installation. Even more can be achieved through clever configuration. A number of apps can be used to expand the functionality. In this seminar, you will learn how to direct requests from your employees and colleagues from different areas to the right channels. You will also learn how to use Service Desk to provide an efficient service to your employees and customers despite their growing numbers. Using practical examples, you will learn not only how to use Jira Service Desk for IT purposes, but also how to offer company-wide self-services with Service Desk. The seminar does not stop at request configuration, but also provides the Jira platform expertise and tools needed to set up Service Desk successfully following the seminar.



1 day


    • The course will illustrate the opportunities presented by Jira Service Desk and show you how to use the numerous functions to your benefit and in a way that boosts efficiency.
    • You will then be able to get the most out of Jira Service Desk.

      target group

      JIRA Service Desk administrators, service managers and agents who will work with Service Desk at a user level.

      Contents (new)

      Jira Service Desk – The Basics

      • Anatomy of a Service Desk project
      • Creating and configuring custom fields
      • Creating your own issue types and using them for requests
      • Understanding screen masks for agents

      JIRA Service Desk – Further Topics

      • Adapting standard workflows and implementing your own workflows
      • One face to the customer – agents in Jira Service Desk
      • Understanding Service Desk permissions
      • Using canned responses correctly
      • Communicating with development in the event of incidents

      ITIL for Jira Service Desk

      • Getting to know ITIL terms and how Atlassian uses these within the context of Service Desk
      • Workflows for incident, problem, change and service requests

      Configuring JIRA Service Desk

      • Defining different request types
      • Configuring effective automations
      • Capitalizing on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
      • Adapting customer portals to meet your needs
      • Configuring queues
      • Implementing approval workflows in the portal

      Service Desk "Best Practice"

      • Perfect project organization with Jira Service Desk
      • Jira Service Desk in conjunction with Jira Software and Jira Core
      • Self-service and knowledge management with Confluence and Jira Service Desk
      • Incident swarming and ChatOps with Service Desk
      • Controlling systems with Jira Service Desk
      • Post-incident reports and runbooks in the context of Jira Service Desk and Confluence as a knowledge database

      Expanding Service Desk with Plugins

      • Automation beyond the limits of Service Desk
      • Visual adjustments to the portal based on your own requirements
      • Internationalizing Jira Service Desk within the portal
      • Implementing a CMDB with Jira Service Desk and Riada Insight

      Useful Information

      • HR processes with Jira Service Desk
      • Procurement and ordering with Service Desk
      • Securing the portal against unauthorized users
      • CMDB with Service Desk and Confluence
      • Understanding permissions and licensing


      You should be able to administrate Jira and have already worked with Jira (without Service Desk) previously.

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