The open source Spring Framework provides a simple and uniform programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications. It was created as an alternative to the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) model, which was very cumbersome in its early days, and remains one of the most frequently used Java frameworks to this day. The major advantage of Spring is the simple and elegant development process as well as the simple testability of the application. Only POJO (Plain old Java object) instances are “merged” and additional services such as transaction management are configured descriptively. The training will demonstrate the use of Spring in the productive environment using practical examples and exercises.

  • Duration

    3  days
  • Goal

    • You will able to take advantage of Spring’s lightweight container architecture for the development of your software
    • The training will convey practical knowledge of the necessary basics
    • During the seminar, you will receive a USB stick containing the complete development environment and all examples
  • Target group

    You want to get productive using the Spring framework immediately after the seminar.

  • Contents


    • Inversion of Control (IoC)
    • Dependency injection (DI)
    • What is Spring Boot?
    • Microservices & Continuous Deployment
    • Spring Boot in the Cloud
    • Differences between Spring and Spring Boot?


    • Configuration with annotations and @Configuration
    • Life cycle of a Bean
    • Convention over Configuration
    • Auto-configuration with Classpath Scanning
    • External configuration with Properties and YAML files
    • Fluent Builder API
    • Profiles – configuration for different environments

    Spring AOP

    • Introduction to aspect-oriented programming
    • Spring AOP in detail
    • Pitfalls when using Spring AOP

    Build and dependency management

    • Deployment as Fat-JAR
    • Build management with Maven/Gradle
    • Embedded Tomcat support
    • Packaging for production
    • Containerisation with Docker
    • Native Binaries with GraalVM Native Image

    Data access layer

    • Relational databases with JPA and Hibernate
    • Uniform error handling (DataAccessException)
    • Transaction strategies (@Transactional)
    • Spring Data JPA
    • Access to NoSQL databases

    Web applications and microservices

    • Introduction to Spring Web
    • Overview of REST with JSON
    • Spring Data REST


    • Spring Boot Actuator (production-ready features)
    • test support
    • Data caching
    • Security of Spring Boot applications
  • Requirements

    Good Java programming skills are required, knowledge of JSP/Servlet development and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is helpful.

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