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Introduction to Groovy

Groovy is an Agile, dynamic programming language for the Java platform. It has an expressive and compact syntax. This allows for shorter, clearer, and easier-to-maintain source code, which can increase developer productivity. Groovy extends the Java class library with a variety of new functionalities and completely integrates into the Java world. In this seminar, the foundations for implementing Groovy will be laid. The knowledge acquired will be reinforced through practical exercises and numerous examples.



3 days


  • Concise and thorough introduction to Groovy
  • Learn how to simplify Java application development thanks to dynamic features
  • Discover closures and duck typing by learning a script language

target group

Developers and software architects looking for a dynamic language for the Java platform.

Contents (new)

Groovy basics

  • Java and Groovy - similarities and differences
  • Installation
  • Groovy as a scripting language
  • Translating and executing Groovy programs
  • Joint compilation with Java
  • Tool support (groovysh, groovy console, Compiler, Interpreter)
  • IDE support (Eclipse, IntelliJ and Netbeans)

Language basics and syntax

  • Everything is an object
  • Packages, interfaces, (abstract) classes, inheritance, annotations
  • Strings, GStrings, templates and regular expressions
  • Loops, conditions
  • Lists, ranges, maps
  • GroovyBeans and property access
  • Dynamic typing and duck typing
  • Static compilation and type testing from Groovy 2.0

Closures and meta-programming

  • Overloading operators
  • Closures, functional programming, currying
  • Runtime meta-object programming, MetaClass
  • Compile time meta-programming with AST transformations
  • Multiple inheritance with traits
  • Using Java Lambdas, default methods, SAM types
  • Type and closure coercion

Easier development with Groovy

  • Groovy Development Kit (GDK)
  • Groovy builder, GPath
  • GUI creation with Swing
  • XML and JSON processing
  • Database access, JMX and web services
  • Parallelization with GPars
  • Creating domain specific languages (DSL)

Areas of application

  • Groovy Java integration, JSR 223, Spring integration
  • Script support through GroovyShell, GroovyScriptEngine and GroovyClassLoader
  • Unit tests and mocks (JUnit, Spock)
  • Rapid prototyping with Grails, Gaelyk and Griffon
  • Dynamic business logic
  • Build management with Gradle
  • Design patterns with Groovy


Good basic knowledge of an object-oriented programming language, Java knowledge is an advantage, e.g. through participating in our training Java for Programmers.

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