Stefan Hüppi


After successfully graduating as a computer scientist TS in Winterthur in 1999, Stefan Hüppi worked for more than 9 years as a system engineer, sub-project manager and team leader at Comicro Netsys AG in various outsourcing mandates and IT projects. During this time, he completed the Federal Diploma in Computer Science in Zurich and was able to ceremoniously receive the diploma in 2005. In order to optimally use the acquired knowledge, he joined CSC Switzerland GmbH in 2007 as IT Project Manager and managed complex, international development and infrastructure projects for over 6 years, which he was able to implement not only successfully but also sustainably. Stefan Hüppi has been Senior Project Manager at Trivadis since 2013. With his high expectations regarding budget, time and scope compliance, he makes a significant contribution to the high project quality at Trivadis.

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