Parinaz Ameri


During her doctorate, Parinaz Ameri worked as a data analyst and database administrator at the Helmholtz Computing Centre. During this time, she developed and supervised numerous software development projects, most of which were implemented with Python.
After her doctorate, she took over the management of a data analytics lab at the Steinbuch data centre, where she oversaw the architectural design of a heterogeneous platform for Big Data analytics. In this context, she led a team of Data Scientists offering consulting services in the field of AI methods for small and medium-sized enterprises.
She joined Trivadis in 2019 as a consultant for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Her interests are NoSQL databases, Big Data tools and technologies, data analytics techniques and the architectural design of (Big) Data analytics platforms.
Parinaz frequently lectures at various international conferences. She is also a successful author of scientific papers and book contributions.

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