Gerhard Habicher


Gerhard Habicher has been working with Oracle since 1985. He initially gained experience as a programmer and project manager with SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, C and Cobol. As a database administrator, he was responsible for up to 180 databases. He expanded his support knowledge for 3 years as a senior support engineer at Oracle. After that, he worked for 10 years as a Principal Instructor for Oracle, especially for the technologies SQL, PL/SQL, DBA, Tuning, Forms, Reports, Precompiler. He then worked as a consultant mainly for the telecom, print media and hospital sectors. Gerhard Habicher is an Oracle Certified Professional for Oracle versions 7-10g and has worked for Trivadis since 2006. He is a speaker for Oracle New Features 11g for DBAs and Oracle PL/SQL for advanced users.

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