Francesco Leardini


Francesco Leardini studied classical studies (Latin and Greek) at secondary school before successfully graduating from university with a degree in computer science. After university, he worked as a software developer in several areas (IT services, finance, computer science) and in teams of different sizes.

Francesco Leardini has been working at Trivadis AG in the area of .NET and web development with Angular since January 2017. He has been working as a senior consultant and Angular trainer since 2019.

His focus is on web development (Angular, ASP.NET, HTML 5, CSS). Currently, he focuses mainly on modern web architectures, such as single page applications with Angular, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and web application performance. He gives talks on web technologies at international conferences such as CodeDays, AngularDay, International Javascript Conference (iJS) as well as at tech groups such as the Java User Group (JUG) or Swiss Angular. He also writes regularly about PWAs and web trends on the portal:


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