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Service is an investment that needs to pay off for your company. We have demonstrated countless times in practice that we achieve this goal in every aspect. You can read feedback from some of our service customers here.

rehaklinik bellikon

“Thanks to Trivadis’ flexible service model SystemCare, we were able to tailor the services we needed perfectly to the needs and criticality of our various database systems. We were also able to make a valuable contribution to optimising cost / benefits within our company.”

Roland Sturzenegger, Head of IT, Rehaklinik Bellikon

Pro Senectude

“With Trivadis as our development partner, we were able to develop a unified, strategic ERP solution for our sub-organisations. Thanks to our excellent collaboration with Trivadis, especially during the business analysis phase, we were able to standardise work processes. The switch to the new software was a success, which was also confirmed by the response from users. The SystemCare SLA makes it possible to adapt the solution to continually changing conditions.”

Alain Huber, Member of the Management Board, Pro Senectute Switzerland

logo kanton aargau

“The migration of the tax library INFO was carried out successfully. The new INFO stands out thanks to its optimised search features and easy-to-use layout. That makes searching fun! With the flexible SLA model SystemCare, Trivadis also guarantees sustainable operations, support and maintenance of this solution.”

Christoph Ammann, Head of Legal Services KStA

edelweiss air logo

“The new online platform allowed us to provide good support in tough situations and to add this to our existing IT landscape with little effort. With Trivadis SystemCare, we have also found a long-term solution for the support and maintenance of our new platform.”

Christoph Zogg, Chief Operating Officer at Edelweiss Air

Preventing machine damage through predictive maintenance

«Trivadis developed an IoT predictive maintenance model for us that enables us to detect potential machine damage up to 45 days in advance. That makes it easier to plan maintenance work on the machinery and reduces our costs significantly.»

Head of Engineering, Machines & Maintenance Group Operations


Challenge and inital situation

  • Branche: Industrie
  • Thema: Internet Of Things
  • Technology: Internet of Things Microsoft Azure Predictive Maintenance

Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative TVD-Backup with Trivadis Intelligent Backup

Raiffeisen Switzerland

«TVD-Backup delivered exactly what it promised. We were very positively surprised at how easy it is to use and configure. TVD-Backup also proactively prevents problems and has considerably reduced our daily workload.»

Bruno Leutenegger, Databases Group Leader, Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative


Challenge and inital situation

  • Branche: Banken
  • Thema: TVD-Backup
  • Technology: EMC Networker Backup Storage IBM AIX 7 Oracle Data Guard Oracle 12c

Integration platform and processes


Thanks to the competent support and experience of the Trivadis consultants, we now have a powerful and flexible service platform. The setup and launch of the platform were carried out in a thoroughly solution-oriented and professional manner. This means that we now also have at our disposal a template for future developments in this area, and with the training given to our staff we can implement them efficiently as well.“

Maurice Bachor, head of the Enterprise Application Integration working group, BKW Energie AG

  • Branche: Dienstleister
  • Thema: Infrastructure SOA Training
  • Technology: Oracle DB

Risk management in the cloud

european datawarehouse

Trivadis understood our needs: professionally and technically. The combination of banking and IT know-how ultimately made the decisive difference on this complex project.“

Markus Schaber, CEO, European Datawarehouse GmbH

Challenge and initial situation

  • Branche: Financial Services
  • Thema: Cloud Computing
  • Technology: Cloud

Trivadis, Gerald Klump, Head of Trivadis Services

Gerald Klump

Trivadis, Head of Trivadis Services