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Competitive advantage through efficient offer creation.

Digitalisation has also made its way to commerce, presenting product manufacturers and service providers with new challenges. In the services sector in particular, expectations are rising as customers demand customised, needs-based offers to be provided quickly. That is easier said than done, though. Creating customer-specific service offers often takes a great deal of time and effort.


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Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that helps you structure your services so that you can create customer-specific offers at the touch of a button?

The Trivadis Service Configurator does just that! Create your own service catalogue based on your parameters. Define your price calculation matrix using a rules editor. Configure the customer-specific offers and generate the offer letter as a Word document with your corporate design and layout.

The Trivadis Service Configurator does all this – as a cloud service. Just order it and get started!



  • The interplay between the different user groups is regulated by a roles model (creator and validator of service configurations as well as service product developers and administrators).
  • Customised service offers are created using a „Configuration Wizard“, which guides the user through the configuration, determines the price and controls the workflow for creating the offer.
  • Based on the service configurations, individualised offer letters can be generated (Format: Microsoft Word).
  • Through the use of service projects, components and parameters, it can be defined within the catalogue how service configurations can be put together.
  • Service catalogues can be set up in multiple languages and made available in the Configuration Wizard.
  • Each service has its own price calculation matrix, in which the price of a service configuration can be defined flexibly based on which components and parameter values are selected.
  • Pre-configurations can be used to set up service templates, which the user can choose from during the configuration process.

“Because of our highly complex service portfolio, in the past we often faced the challenge of having to respond quickly and effectively to internal and external market requirements. The Trivadis Service Configurator was developed to make our service business scalable and growable. This enabled us to reduce the time it took to process customer requests and to create documents by up to 75%. The transparency created by this results not only in an increase in the quality of the processing across locations, it also boosts customer satisfaction in the long term.”

Gerald Klump, Head of Managed Services, Trivadis Services AG

trivadis services isoAs an ISO 20000-certified company, we guarantee the quality and reliability of our outstanding services in accordance with international standards.


trivadis services preis konstrukte einfach

Simple overview of complex price constructs

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Not restricted to a time or place thanks to SaaS

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Quick processing and lead times

trivadis services qualitaet kundenzufriedenheit

Improved quality and customer satisfaction

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Simplified change and workflow management

The path to standardised and automated offer creation:

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Sebastian Bloch

Sebastian Bloch

Head of Managed Services