Requirements Engineering

An holistic approach to understanding IT projects

trivadis requirements engineering solution

To ensure that requirements are clearly articulated and requirement changes can be managed, the parties involved have to work together. Despite their complexity, IT projects should be implemented in a goal-oriented and pragmatic manner. 

The requisite know-how must be available at the right time. Trivadis offers tried and tested solutions to achieve this:



  • Our certified and experienced consultants undertake all the requirement engineering tasks necessary for your projects. We are experienced in traditional and agile practices and we have helpful tools and methods at our disposal. You benefit from a better common understanding of your IT projects.
  • Our coaches will help you to set up the appropriate requirements engineering method and to optimise it. You can sustainably improve your requirements engineering and management.
Our trainers teach your staff in our official CPRE certification courses. We offer specific workshops and company courses:
  • IREB Foundation Level - certification courses
    The popular vocational training course for becoming a Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering (CPRE) 
  • Workshops and technical presentations
    Advanced training in various topical consolidation theme areas such as requirements analysis in big data and integration environments

Your Benefits:

  • Together we will raise the success rate of your IT projects.
  • You will lower your costs throughout the entire lifecycle of your applications.
  • Employees and stakeholders are trained and understand complex IT projects



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        trivadis grafik requirements engineering solution

Thomas Frehner

Trivadis AG, Glattbrugg, Switzerland