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Professional application development based on accomplished employees, field-proven procedure models, the very latest engineering methods, and on frameworks and architecture blueprints. Whether on the basis of standards, procedural methods or the principles of business process management: we will support you in all process areas of your development projects and across the entire life cycle. We also offer training and individual coaching as required in every phase of a project.

Over 200 full-time employees in the field of application development provide all-round consulting services in every process area of modern software development, and for technologies from Oracle, Microsoft and the open source environment. Defined training and certification avenues, as well as comprehensive platforms and knowledge transfer events, guarantee superb quality.

trivadis application development 


Increase your teams' productivity with automated analyses of your PL/SQL code. PL/SQL Cop verifies compliance with programming guidelines, and additionally determines key software metrics that indicate the quality of your PL/SQL code, such as McCabe's cyclomatic complexity and the Halstead metrics. Based on this information, you are given clear statements about the quality of your source code, as well as recommendations concerning quality assurance measures. This enables you to identify errors and flawed developments, and thus shorten your development cycles.

trivadis application development

PL/SQL Cop in a nutshell

You can make PL/SQL Cop available to individual developers in their development environments, integrate it in your build management tools, or extend your static code analysis tools. PL/SQL Cop is based on the Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL coding guidelines, which you can download free of charge from our website or by using the QR code.


Integration in SQL Developer

Increase the added value of your team with seamless integration in SQL Developer. The SQL Developer extension checks the contents of the editor window during development work by mouse click and a keyboard shortcut. All the results are presented in tabs displaying any guideline violations, and from where you can navigate to the relevant positions in your code. Further information is displayed in a full report, which can also be used outside of the IDE.


Command line interface

Generate added value by integrating the solution in your automated quality assurance processes. Via the command line interface, you can run PL/SQL Cop as required outside of your development environment, or integrate it in automated processes. All functions are controllable using parameters. Reports can be created in XML, HTML or Excel format.



Enhance the added value by integrating PL/SQL Cop and SonarQube. You can use the SonarQube plugin for PL/SQL Cop to conveniently integrate them in existing environments for analyzing the static code of your (possibly multilingual) projects, and in build management tools such as Apache Maven, Apache Ant or TFS. Policy violations are shown in the SonarQube dashboards, while PL/SQL code metrics are integrated in the SonarQube reports and dashboards. All PL/SQL Cop results can be exported.


  • Greater productivity through automated analyses of your PL/SQL code
  • Compliance with programming guidelines
  • Definition of software metrics
  • Compliance with coding guidelines
  • Enhanced readability of your code
  • Early pinpointing of risks
  • Better quality code
  • Integration in SQL Developer
  • Integration in SonarCube
  • Command line interface
Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development