The world is becoming more mobile.

What about your applications?

Mobile Enterprise

Statistics clearly show that the world is in the midst of a revolution with mobile user devices. But how can we efficiently and profitably exploit these new possibilities for the benefit of your company?

Mobile applications open up new markets for you: information can be retrieved whenever it is needed, while products and services can be better positioned by virtue of existing sensor and telemetric systems.



  • Open up new markets
  • Expand existing business fields
  • Work more flexibly and efficiently
  • Speed up your business processes



trivadis mobile enterprise


  • Mobile solutions along your entire value chain
  • A full range of solutions from a single provider
  • Sound project experience and methods
  • Expert knowledge for integrating your mobile solutions
  • Technology-independent consulting

“Global monthly mobile data traffic will grow by 2017 from the current 2.8 to 11.2 exabytes. In Germany alone, the volume rose by 70% in 2013. According to a BITKOM study, mobile user devices will account for around 85% of all internet traffic in 2014.”

Single-source consulting, design, and technology.

trivadis mobile enterprise

A look at current practice reveals astounding contrasts. Whereas static corporate IT solutions meet the most stringent requirements where security, performance, compliance and professional support are concerned, “anarchy” prevails in the mobile device sector. Personal smartphones and tablet PCs are frequently used with unverified apps. Not only that, but public clouds are used as well. A strategy is non-existent.

  • Mobile Strategy Consuling
  • Mobile Requirements Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application Lifecycle Management
  • Mobile Performance Management
  • Mobile Architecture and Security Audit


Realization along the entire value chain.

Our claim: We want to use our solutions to make your complex business simpler and more transparent. Only then will your investments pay off, and you will be able to benefit from a sustainably lower total cost of ownership. The result: reliable,

integrated and secure mobile solutions. We combine conceptual and methodological expertise with longstanding technological know-how, and regard ourselves as a bridge builder, as an interpreter for technology and business processes.

trivadis mobile lifecycle


  • Consulting for your application development
  • Full project realization
  • Porting of existing mobile applications
  • Use of cloud services
  • Seamless interface to Trivadis Application Care
  • Cross-platform solutions

High-performance mobile solutions

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We are familiar with the challenges of developing mobile solutions. Regardless of whether you work with iOS, Android or Windows Phone or on different platforms – we will develop and integrate the right solution to meet your expectations.

  • Mobile Web Development
  • Native development under Android, iOS and Windows
  • Hybrid solutions

Mobile strategy – Conception and Implementation not without strategy.

Fundamental and far-reaching decisions have to be made here. Which business processes will benefit the most from mobile support? How will they change as a result? Do your customers actually want mobile solutions? And how about your own employees? Which platforms need to be supported? What life cycle should the mobile applications


and user devices have? Will the devices be purchased or will your employees bring their own? What about security? How do you ensure availability? How can you avoid the requisite consolidation of apps that originate from shadow IT? How can you get a solid IT architecture? Your company will have to face these challenges as well. It's not just about

“apps” and technology, however. It is necessary to develop and put in place a strategy that makes full use of all the possibilities offered by the flexible nature of your business processes and future technical developments.


  • Value added / objectives
  • Target group definitions
  • Competition
  • Marketing
  • Strengths / opportunities
  • Weaknesses / risks
  • Schedule / timing
  • Expenditure
  • Revenue
  • Technology

Development of a mobile support strategy for your business processes.

We and your company develop in a scalable, multi-stage process the decision-making basis for a sustainable mobile strategy and its implementation. Based on a situation analysis, we identify and assess the possibilities offered by mobile extensions for your application landscape. The security and sustainability concepts prepared by our experts, our architecture proposals and integration scenarios, together with the developed roadmaps and concrete project proposals, form a good starting point for formulating your future strategy.

  • Support during the development or optimization of your strategy
  • Analysis of the security requirements
  • Integration scenarios for your corporate processes and IT infrastructure
  • Organizational and technical measures for the implementation
  • Scenarios for private use and BYOD


Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development