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In March 1994, Andri Kisseleff, Urban Lankes and Urs Meier met at the Egerkingen motorway service area, as it marked the precise intersection point of their home towns. This meeting signalled the birth of SQL Consult AG – later to be called Trivadis AG.

The vision

The founders shared a common vision: to be more flexible, faster, more innovative and customer-oriented than their competitors at that time. “Our employees share a passion for creating intelligent solutions. Every single customer and project present new and exciting challenges. We accomplish these tasks with teamwork and a huge degree of personal responsibility. The know-how and experience of its consultants and programmers are Trivadis’ greatest asset”, says Urban Lankes, founder and incumbent chairman of the board of directors.

Goals for the future

Urban Lankes and the Trivadis Management Team have overseen a continuation of the principles of culture, innovation and growth. “We focus on areas of strong growth in the IT market so that we can continually develop our business activities,” explains Urban Lankes. The company’s goal is to consolidate its leading position in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark as an independent, non-listed IT service provider focussing on Oracle and Microsoft technologies, and to belong to the five largest vendors.

Self-driven growth

This approach has proved effective. It began in a room 15 square meters in size in a single-family house. Then came the first office in Basel. Today, Trivadis has over 600 employees spread among fourteen locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. This IT service provider’s success story is probably best reflected in its geographical spread. The company has grown steadily through its own efforts, and not as the result of acquisitions.

Journey through time – the Trivadis milestones

Startup in June, relocation to Basel

“Flexsourcing” launched in Zurich

Branch office opens in Bern, and Trivadis Germany GmbH starts up in Stuttgart

Company renamed as Trivadis, launch of “Projects” business field

Description of the Trivadis culture and Microsoft Trivadis

Lausanne, TTC, Univag in Freiburg i. Br. joins Trivadis

Munich branch opens

Frankfurt branch opens

Baton is handed over to Trivadis Partner AG

Patrik Häberlin joins the board of directors; launch of BusinessCommunication

Strategy and organizational realignment: Trivadis becomes solution provider, Hamburg branch opens

Düsseldorf branch opens

Vienna branch opens in November

With over 500 employees, Trivadis is now a mid-sized enterprise

MIK Brugg joins Trivadis

Delphi Vienna joins Trivadis

Acquisition of Actinium in Vienna

Start of the strategic management process

Urban Lankes hands the reins over to Christoph Höinghaus; Brugg is established

Anniversary – 20 years Trivadis!

Copenhagen branch opens

Consolidation with OIO – Orientation in Objects, hand-over to Ana Campos and Gerald Klump

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