«Performance Days 2019»

The Performance Days 2019 take place on the 26th and 27th of September 2019 in Zurich. The seminar will provide a lot of valuable and practical information to diagnosing, resolving and avoid performance problems in applications involving Oracle Database.

The speakers will cover topics such as:

  • New indexing and partitioning features introduced in Oracle Database 18c and 19c
  • Why it is of paramount importance to keep your SQL statements simple
  • The role of the infrastructure in Oracle Database performance
  • Using resource management to deliver predictable performance
  • Leveraging execution plans for problem solving
  • In-depth look at how Oracle Database processes joins and star queries
  • Using Oracle's kernel debug, diagnostics and tracing infrastructure as well as ASH for troubleshooting
  • Why you probably do not need to read a 10053 trace file
  • How to gather object statistics
  • Tracing parallel executions to better understand how it works
  • What parent and child cursors as well as adaptive cursor sharing and statistics feedback are

Attend either our Live-Event in Zuricht or log in to the sessions in our Virtual Classroom. All sessions are available for you as Live-Stream.

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  • Emiliano Fusaglia

  • Christian Antognini

  • Dani Schnider



Trivadis, Bernd Rössler, Head of Training

Bernd Rössler

Solution Manager Trivadis Training