Trivadis training courses


Trivadis online training – at any time, at any place

The Trivadis Virtual Academy offers you Trivadis trainings in the Virtual Classroom.

Live Virtual Classroom

You participate as usual in a Trivadis training on a specific date. The only difference for you is that you are not in a Trivadis training room but in the Trivadis virtual training room.
The training takes place live with a Trivadis trainer. You are connected to the trainers and the other participants via audio and video. You can access the labs of the course via a link. Communication with the trainers is via audio and video. You will need a headset and a webcam. The webcam can be either the webcam of your notebook or an external webcam.
You see the picture of the trainers, the presentation and the demos. During the exercises, our trainers can support you as in the normal training room, provided you share your screen with them.

Requirements for participation in virtual sessions on different devices

We recommend that you participate via the Teams desktop client. This will allow you to use all the options of the virtual training room.


  •     Monitor

If you participate with your laptop, we recommend an external monitor so that you can see all information in sufficient size.
With a second monitor you get even more comfort. You can put the virtual training room on one monitor and use the second monitor for exercises or digital training materials.

  •     Headset

We recommend you a headset with USB connection. Bluetooth headsets are also possible. However, depending on the device, the battery may not be sufficient for a complete training day.

  •     Webcam

We recommend a webcam with a USB connection. This allows trainers and participants to see each other. This gives all participants the feeling of being in a real training room.

Access requirements Microsoft Teams

For the best virtual classroom experience, we recommend installing the Teams desktop client.
Participation is also possible via the following browsers: Edge and Chrome.

Please note the browser restrictions if you are using a different browser or do not have the latest version of Edge and Chrome installed.

Internet connection

Connection: Ideally, you should connect via a cable to your DSL connection. WLAN is of course also possible, provided you have a good enough connection in your (home) office.

Please contact our training advisors for further information.


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