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Digital transformation – achieving success with Trivadis.

Digital transformation is spreading to every sector of industry, and is changing the value chains and structures of your enterprise as well. You have to face new challenges, think in other directions, adapt your business model, and continue developing so that you will stay competitive in the future.


Successful digitization projects comprise the modernization and integration of your processes, data, and application landscapes. We work together with you in developing the requisite digital strategies, and then implement them systematically and successfully. In recent years, we have realized projects with renowned partners from different industries.



With the mobile solution developed by Trivadis, inspection procedures for rented properties after the expiry of the rental agreements are performed automatically. The digitization of the entire process eliminates manual post-processing and delays in importing and exporting the inspection information in the office. More >



With Leads Everywhere, Trivadis enables the mobile input of leads directly at the customer’s point of contact. The generated leads can trigger automated actions or be processed further without delay in the back office. The customer receives all the relevant information either immediately or very soon afterwards. More >



With the comprehensive solution from Trivadis, all order processing details are made available at a large waste management company regardless of its IT platform – including the internal and external sub-processes, and mobile support for the field force in special waste disposal scenarios. Your contact partner >



During a project for a leading insurance company, Trivadis optimized the core processes of building insurance – the rating of buildings and damage – by introducing digital processes. The result was a portal application and mobile, cloud-based solutions that efficiently support the field force and back office. Your contact partner >


Trivadis Digital Transformation Framework

How does Trivadis assure the success of your digitization project? The starting point is an analysis of your business processes. Two strategic approaches can be fundamentally derived from the results:

  • Business Process Transformation. In this case, we can transform your existing processes and adapt them to accommodate the new requirements.
  • New Business Processes. In doing so, we work closely together with you to develop new, digitized value-added and business processes.


Trivadis Value Building Blocks

To realize your goals, Trivadis offers so-called Value Building Blocks. These are integrated solutions that include all the technological aspects, as well as implementation in line with best practice methods. Trivadis provides these services optionally either in the cloud as Everything as a Service (XaaS), or as a Software-Defined Everything (SDx) solution.

trivadis digitalisierungsframework

value block application modernization

value block dwh modernization

value block integration

value block infrastructure optimization

Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development