Digital Performance Management

Stronger customer loyalty,
better and faster releases, optimized operation.

trivadis performance management

Are your IT investments for today and tomorrow being used profitably? Are your IT systems occupied with themselves or they are oriented to your customers' needs? IT systems are business enablers and therefore crucial to the success of many business models and areas. These include ecommerce solutions and customer portals, just as much as ERP and logistics systems or integration platforms.


The availability and high-performance runtime behaviour of these systems are key factors with regard to acceptance, loyalty, and productivity, and thus contribute significantly to a company's success. We proactively address these key factors by means of a full-feature application performance management (APM) solution. Always with the goal of making sure that your IT systems support your business processes even better.



  • Understand digital customers
  • In real time and end-to-end
  • Excite and commit customers
  • Better and faster releases
  • Less unplanned work (task forces, firefighting)
  • More capacity for innovation
  • Pinpoint problems before they happen
  • Enhanced availability and performance
  • Selective triage, faster problem-solving, less finger-pointing

What our customers say:


trivadis grafik performance management

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What does your code do exactly?
You get a 100% end-to-end performance view at code level for every browser, app and (No)SQL transaction without having to touch even one line of code.

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PurePath: The truth serum.
All methods, arguments, HTTP parameter and SQL statements for all transactions are available at a glance. Discovering, sharing and comparing has never been easier!

trivadis Dynatrace Free Trial

End-to-end feedback loops.
Metrics-based, continuous delivery feedback loops through to the end user.

  • Shorten your release cycles, release more quickly without sacrificing quality. With a highly automated, metrics-based solution for your entire pipeline!
  • Dynatrace gives you end-to-end performance metrics from the perspective of your users, and in doing so closes the feedback loop between the production and engineering.
  • Dynatrace integrates seamlessly into your ides, continuous integration environment, test framework and production processes. You get automated, metrics-based feedback and a regression analysis for every line of code.
  • The patented PurePath technology® from Dynatrace identifies problem sources and alerts you to quality issues in your code base.
  • Dynatrace supports the technologies you use such as: Java, .net, PHP, Node.js, Nginx, Docker, Jenkins, iOS, Android, Apache, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc.